About me

As a fourth generation New Mexican I am delighted to be an assistant professor in the philosophy department at New Mexico State University. NMSU is a land grant and minority serving institution located just 45 minutes north or the US Mexico border in sunny Las Cruces, New Mexico.

 I have a personal and professional interest of building bridges between theory and practice by using philosophy to understand and promote human flourishing, or the good life.  To this end, much of my research is focused on development ethics.  In my efforts in writing, presenting, and publishing academic papers, I try to discuss philosophical theory in a way that is helpful to both academics and to international development practitioners. I also lead workshops on international anti-poverty strategies (e.g., the Capability Approach) to anti-poverty workers in the United States. 

 My broader research interests include social political philosophy, ancient philosophy, feminism, philosophy of gender, teaching philosophy, and philosophy for children.

 I have served on the executive board of the International Development Ethics Association since 2006.  I have been a co-coordinator of the Human Development Capabilities Association's Ethics and Development Thematic Group since the group was formed in 2007. Before completing my Ph.D. I worked for the economic consulting firm Development Alternatives Incorporated .

 I hold a Ph.D. in philosophy and a certificate in Politics, Philosophy and Public Policy (CP4) from the University of Maryland.  My dissertation on Empowerment and Development was supervised by David Crocker and Judy Lichtenberg. I also hold an MA in philosophy from Michigan State, and a BA with majors in philosophy and in language and linguistics (French and Spanish) from New Mexico State University.