Australian Women at WW1 Research

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– Looking for the Evidence By Jennifer Baker ( Jenny Baker )

Australian Women at WW1 Research

Research Disclaimer : Please note that This Research was done many years ago now :

so the information contained may now be out of date , photos gone missing or web links broken

My apologises : But It has become an impossible task to try and keep it up to date - Jenny

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Australian Women at WW1 Research

Australian WW1 Women Surname database

- Here you will find

Here you can Search: The Looking for the Evidence – Australian WW1 Women Surname database which has 3018 Women’s names that have been uploaded into the database from 35 Service units

The Forgotten Service of Australian Women during WW1

For a long time there has been no searchable database for the War service of Australian women who served in WW1 – and of all known services units of Nurses, Doctors, Vads, Red Cross workers, Drivers. etc.

This has been a much overlooked area of Australians Women’s service history

Civilians & Civilians Services at War

Other Information

Back ground to this Research

In 2005 to 2008 I worked as a Specialist Incursion History Presenter for History UpClose and as they wanted to develop a WW1 program.

I was asked to research what Australian Women did during WW1 ... well that lead to all the Research on Women's services in WW1

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