Department of Economics, Christopher Newport University(Ranked 4th best public college in the region)
  • Mathematics for Economists   
  • Principles of Microeconomics 
  • Principles of Macroeconomics     
LecturerDepartment of Economics, Suffolk University
  •  Applied Statistics       Fall 2014, Spring 2015, Summer 2015, Fall 2015, Spring  2016, Spring 2017
  •  Global Macroeconomics   Summer 2016, Fall 2016 

Student Comment
Professor Li is very helpful during office hours, and takes time to get to know the students. This creates a very friendly environment between the students and teacher. The material he teaches is extremely complex, and he does his best in explaining it. However, due to his accent , he sometimes fails to fully explain concepts. I have found it very rewarding to speak to him outside of class as he is always happy to help in order to further my understanding up concepts.

Professor Li does a good job, except for the fact that he skips steps. He is an absolute genius, but because of this,he skips the crucial steps within the math problems. This course was also extra difficult for me because I never took a good calculus class.

Great prof, clearly explained each topic and encourage its students to perform, he was a nice man and a good professor. I would take a class with him again and this course again.

great teacher! super helpful during his office hours, the pace of the course, his enthusiasm, available outside help

The instructor was very nice! The content of the course are very interesting. I love the homework on LearnSmart and connect, there is nothing can be better than this class, I would love to take his class again in the future!

Professor li is a very nice professor. His class is very useful. He always make sure that students can understand the chapter

This Professor is very nice. If you need to take STAT as requirement take this Professor

Professor li was very engaging, friendly and helpful. He made objectives very clear, I enjoyed having you as my stats professor 

The prof. used material from the book and other sources in order to provide a good learning experience, he was understanding and clear

The professor is really helpful and will do whatever it takes for you to do well in the class