• 2017/05  My latest paper on bacteria–amoeba relationships is out at PLOS Biology.
  • 2017/03   I am now a finalist of the 2017 iBiology Young Scientist.
  • 2016/08   My latest paper on maternally mediated parallel adaptive divergence in amphibians is out at Molecular Ecology.
  • 2015/09   My latest paper on how embryos survive the stressful world is out at Scientific Reports.
  • 2015/06   My new paper on the evolutionary ecology of egg coats is out at Molecular Ecology.
  • 2015/04   My paper on maternal effects mediated adaptation to environmental acidity is accepted as "Highlighted Student Research" at Oecologia.
  • 2015/02   I will start my postdoc in The Queller/Strassmann Research Group at Washington University in St. Louis, studying the interactions between social amoebas and their microbial passengers.
  • 2015/01   Officially, I am a Dr. now! :) 
  • 2014/11   I have defended my PhD dissertation entitled "The molecular basis of embryonic adaptation to acid stress in amphibians" at ETH Zurich.  
  • 2013/04   My project entitled "Popularizing Evolution in China" is funded by the European Society for Evolutionary Biology (ESEB).                                     
  • 2012/03    My paper on microRNAs response to environmental stress is out in BMC Genomics.


I am a molecular biologist working on ecology and evolutionary biology. I am interested in understanding the molecular basis of evolution, with special focuses on species interactions and adaptation to changing environments.

I received my Bachelor’s (Biotechnology 2008) and Master’s degrees (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 2011) at Shenzhen University, China and PhD degree from ETH zurich (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology 2015), Switzerland.