ქარAთველი მეცნიერი, ირაკლი ლოლაძე
Ираклий Лоладзе, грузинский ученый

Welcome to my site!

Formally trained as an applied mathematician, I'm driven to uncover how biological systems work. Mathematics is a powerful tool that can succinctly capture the essence of a biological problem. Statistics is another powerful tool that can help extract knowledge from data. The combination of mathematics and statistics can lead to genuine insights into the inner workings of Nature.

Some of the problems I've been working on:

1) The elusive Redfield C:N:P ratio is one of the most expansive stoichiometric patterns on Earth. It is at the core of biogeochemical cycles of carbon (C), nitrogen (N), and phosphorus (P) - elements central to all life. In 2011, James Elser and I provided the first theoretical explanation for N:P=16.

2) Predicted in 2002, and then showed  in 2014, that rising atmospheric CO2 depletes essential minerals such as calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc in plants, and that the depletion is global and systemic. Linked the shift in plant quality and stoichiometry to the quality of human nutrition, focusing on 'hidden hunger' & obesity.

3) Macromolecular synthesis (proteins, nucleic acids,  carbohydrates, lipids) and the global biogeochemical cycles.

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