Grade 2-3 Science

Grades 2-3

Science Links

Web Site
Earth Science
Play the Weather Game, go to Fun World, and more!
Click on Level 1 to start learning all about our solar system.
Life Science
See if you can keep the sand lizard alive through its typical day. He's counting on you.
Test your knowledge of birds, mammals, reptiles, insects, and fish!
Click on the Join the Explorers button at the bottom of the screen to start learning about animals.
Learn about teeth, bones, plants, the food chain, and much more!
Physical Science
Learn about electricity, matter, classification, and much more!
Learn about gravity, light, sound, electricity, and much more!
Click and drag the rocket parts. Build each rocket like the plans.
General Science Sites
Check out the free movies in Science!
Scroll down to the group of icons and choose your topic. You can study space, water, plants, sound, skeletons, webs, and more!
Click on a topic to learn more about it.
You can play fun games while learning about insects, plants, weather, matter, and lots more!
You can play fun games while learning about bones, sound, magnets, landforms, food & nutrition, and lots more!
Your password is lang. Our state is California. Type in the name of your school. Check the Save Password box. Next, pick your grade level for some fun activities.
Click on your grade level for some fun activities at this Houghton Mifflin science web site.