Student Presentation Details

Presentation Details

Have you done an internship or volunteered in a STEM related field?

Did you conduct research in class?

Come share your experiences with others!!!

We strongly encourage students to share their STEM work with others by giving a presentation at this symposium! This is great professional experience you can add to your resume, and also a fun way to learn more about what other students have been working on.

At this symposium, students will share their research experiences at Los Medanos and beyond by presenting a poster of their work. Students may present individually or in groups.

We have provided a rubric you can use to guide the making of your poster/preparation of your talk below. Here are some tips and information to help prepare your poster presentations:


Students may prepare a 2 foot by 3 foot poster (landscape format) of their work to present. We will cover the cost of printing this poster if you provide us the PDF and pptx/ppt file you have prepared by midnight, Monday, April 22nd. Helpful hints in designing posters can be found here and a template will be posted at the bottom of this page you may download and edit.

Please contact your research advisor or Briana McCarthy ( if you have any questions about preparing your poster!

Did you know that LMC's Center for Academic Support offers support for presentations? You can receive help with presentation structure, presence, and speaking skills. Stop by the Center in the CORE to make an appointment!

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Poster Templates