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Listening: Building bottom-up processing skills
American English Pronunciation Practice - minimal pairs:
Randall's Cyber Listening Lab example: 
  Calendars (listening for specific words):

Listening: Building top-down processing skills
Breaking News English example:
  Homework has few benefits:
Randall's Cyber Listening Lab example: 
  Saturday's chores:

Teacher tools:
  Create your own questions (sample)
Hot Potatoes:
  Download; add content for cloze, crossword, matching, multiple choice
  Create screencasts - see a video about it at

Speaking: Encouraging authentic communication

Speaking: Assessment

Pronunciation: Enhancing segmentals (individual sounds)
German Coast Guard - why it's important:
Sounds of English examples:
Phonetics example (requires Flash):
YouTube video from Eva Easton:
Forvo - pronouncing dictionary with words pronounced by a variety of English speakers:

Pronunciation: Building skills with suprasegmentals (linking, intonation)
Sounds of English examples - word stress:
YouTube videos from Eva Easton - linking:
Daily Pronunciation Practice:

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