I have presented at national and local venues on leadership & career development, unconferences, and people-centered usability & user experience. 

Leadership and Career Development


      People-Centered Design, Usability and User Experience
      • Poster Session, Book a Librarian, Special Libraries Association Conference, June 2016, Philadelphia, PA.
      • Lightning Talk, Assessment of Book a Librarian: A People-Centered Reference Service Model, Metropolitan New York Library Council (METRO) Reference Special Interest Group Meeting, September 2013, New York, NY. 

      Web Usability
      • Workshop, Web Usability Testing for Libraries, Metropolitan New York Library Council (METRO), October 2013, New York, NY. 
      • Presentation, Web Usability TestingMetropolitan New York Library Council (METRO) Distance Education Special Interest Group Meeting, June 2013, New York, NY.

       Genetics Literacy Outreach
      • ALA Grassroots Program, Lab to the People: A Residency Experience in Genetics, American Library Association (ALA) Annual Conference, June 2010, Washington, DC.
      • Poster Session, Human Genome Project Community Conversations (HGPCC) Library Outreach Model Toolkit: Creative Ideas and Best Practices for Promoting Genetics Literacy in the Community, American Library Association (ALA) Annual Conference, June 2010, Washington, DC.
      • Talk Table, How Libraries Can Work to Promote Genetic Literacy in the Community: Brooklyn Public Library's Human Genome Project Community Conversations Initiative, Public Library Association (PLA) National Conference, March 2010, Portland, OR.
      • American Library Association (ALA) Virtual Poster, Celebrating National DNA Day at a Public Library: Reaching Out to the Community to Increase Awareness and Knowledge about the Human Genome and Genetics, January 2009.

      Other topics