This site is dedicated to the loving memory of Lionel Britton Rexroad, a.k.a. "Rex", "Brit", and many other names I cannot list here, but all of which mean "the man we love, admire and respect."

Rex died on December 30, 2012 by a fatal gun shot that was induced by medications he had just started taking.  While it may have been his own hand that took his life, it was not his mind that told it to fire the gun.  The son, brother, grandson, father, uncle, cousin, friend, colleague, compatriot, brother in arms, etc. loved life, his kids and family too much to have taken his life under his own volition. 

The pages on this site will serve as a celebration of his life and I hope you find them to bring you joy in remembrance in the strength, generosity, laughter and honor that he brought to this world.

We will never stop loving you, Rex.

Random Rex and Family