Linna Martén

I am a researcher at the economics department at Uppsala University, and I am also affiliated with Stanford Immigration Policy Lab. You can reach me at

Visiting Harvard/Stanford University until end of January 2020

Post-doc at IPL, Stanford University, 2016-2018

PhD in Economics, Uppsala University, 2016



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Media coverage: Washington Post, Huffington Post, Reuters, Vox, Verge, Yahoo News, Newsweek


Political Bias in Court? Lay Judges and Asylum Appeals

Media coverage: Sveriges Radio, Dagens Nyheter, Dagens Nyheter (editorial), Aftonbladet, Uppsala Nya Tidning, SVT, Metro, Dagens Juridik

Who recovers from a Job Loss? The Importance of Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Skills (with M. Dahlberg and B. Öckert)

The Geography of Politicians' Neighborhoods (with O. Folke, J. Rickne and M. Dahlberg), available upon request


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Voluntary Return of Refugees (with H. Andersson and K. Jutvik)

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