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STOP: Before even considering buying my book, please dedicate self-development time to learning how to be an antiracist. This is the most important work we can do right now create the world we want for ALL of our students. Nothing in my book is near as significant or important as the content and need for action around this literature.

Power Up Your Classroom: Reimagine Learning Through Gameplay

It's time to ask "what if"...

  • What if we designed learning experiences that leveraged the power of gameplay to create more motivated learners?
  • What if we modeled this type of learning with educators so they could experience the impact firsthand and spread the excitement and innovation in their classrooms?
  • What if learning was fun for both students and teachers?

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International Society for Technology in Education 2019 Publication

"I wish this book on the teachers who teach my children. Cate and Lindsey have drawn a clear roadmap to engagement and student success. It is one thing to call for all educators to engage students in 21st century learning, but this book actually makes this possible with easy-to-follow and inspiring steps. Thank you, Cate and Lindsey, for bringing “play with purpose” back into the classroom! We have all talked about including failure as a part of the learning process, this book makes the WHY and the HOW so clear. This book is cover-to-cover modern learning pedagogy. If you are in a 21st century classroom - this book is a must read. "

-John Eick, Executive Director at Westlake Charter School

Lindsey and Cate take you on an adventure where you will experience the power of game-based learning and level up your knowledge and skills to create learning experiences that engage and empower learners. Through each level, they provide examples, resources, and inspiration to Power Up Your Classroom!"

​​- Katie Martin, VP of Professional Learning at AltSchool and Author of Learner-Centered Innovation

"Who said learning can’t be fun? Power Up Your Classroom guides teachers through the process of bringing the power of gaming to the classroom. A must read for any teacher looking to engage their learners and equip them with the skills needed to succeed in the highly-connected, world. Lindsay and Cate thoughtfully illustrate how teachers can both address their core curriculum and integrate activities that cultivate creativity, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking. It’s time for something different in learning.”

-​James Sanders, Co-founder of BreakoutEDU

“If you are looking to "Power Up" your pedagogy - this is your book. This is not one of those educational biographies - this is a wonderfully accessible step-by-step player's guide that allows any teacher to reimagine the flow of their class. The authors have decades of in-the-field experience and they've included examples from some of the best leaders in education. You want to win the game of school? Power Up gives you the gameplan.”

-Jon Corippo, Chief Learning Officer at CUE and Author of The Eduprotocol Field Guide

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