Königsseeradweg Lindau - Berchtesgaden

Welcome to our Radltour!

August 2017

20. 08. 2017 until 26. 08. 2017

Total distance (to Salzburg): 486 kilometers,

Total climbing up: 5.805 hm



Iris, age 72, retired and tired bicyclist



Road bike tour Lindau - Berchtesgaden

Review of the bike Tour

Total distance (to Salzburg): 486 kilometers, Total climbing up: 5.805 hm

We found the tour at the Internet.

Not knowing how hard it would be.

The road sometimes is more a mountain bike trail, even crossing rivers.

I wonder that I had no flat.

I followed the recommendation of my bike dealer.

He was right.

So many e-bikers. Some are careless with speed...

The bicycle trail "Königsseeradweg" is very good marked.

Again: expect many, many gravel roads.

Expect Germany's best scenic Southern landscape (Allgäu - Bavaria).

At the area Füssen / Schwangau it is very busy. Heavy traffic, too many tourists from all over the world.

We have been calling at least 10 times to find a proper accommodation.

We checked places on Google maps, what helped us most.

Twice the local Tourist Information gave us a hint.

Assuming you do it without an e-bike, this tour is only for trained and experienced bicyclists, with good equipment.

I have been riding with a triple gear in front and the rear sproket has been 28 teeth (should be 30!).

Good luck to our followers.

1. day: August 20, 2017

Lindau - Immenstadt

We stated late as Raimund arrived nearly 4 pm

Unbelievable, we made it until Oberstaufen. Night has fallen on our biker group. We made the remaining 10 kilometers to Immenstadt by taxi. No way: no lights and freezing cold.

Night Hotel Goldener Adler.

day distance: 67 kilometers

day sum of climbing: 1.100 hm

some photo impressions:

we arrived early and had to "kill" a day...

A ship tour to Rorschach and sightseeing walk through Lindau peninsula.

Bavarian's like their folklore:

Wasserburg stop

What a nice welcome

and now...

waiting for our third bicyclist, arriving so late

and now on tour

see photo impressions:

2. day: August 21, 2017

Immenstadt - Halblech

The fist day was tough.

This day is even more...

Riding through hilly Semi-alpine roads. This day many gravel roads.

I have never riding so many mountain bike trails with a race bike.

I still wonder the tires held...

Night: private Kunigunde Neumeier

day distance: 77 kilometers

day sum of climbing: 930 hm

some photo impressions:

Immenstadt city center

the famous Wiesenkirche (meadow-church)

the church is locked at night time because the found Austrian thieves, said Mrs. Neumeier.. ;-)

true: heavy golden sanctuary

do my tires really like this gravel?

the Leonardi chappel

the dream destination of many tourists:

3. day: August 22, 2017

Halblech - Ried bei Benediktbeuren

Night: Waldschänke (Address from the Tourist Information Kochel am See)

Very good accommodation with best Service, food and drinks

day distance: 77 kilometers

day sum of climbing: 815 hm

some photo impressions:

bicyclists award:

4. day: August 23, 2017

Ried bei Benediktbeuren - Fischbachau

night: Alter Wirt. One of the best. It is a bit outside Fischbach, but, the bicycle trail is nearby.

day distance: 72 kilometers

day sum of climbing: 980 hm

some photo impressions:

who fears this cute Appenzeller watch dog

5. day: August 24, 2017

Fischbachau - Bergen

night: Säulnerhof. Very friendly inn keeper woman

day distance: 77 kilometers

day sum of climbing: 680 hm

passing by the monastery Benediktbeuren

6. day: August 25, 2017

Bergen - Schönau am Königsee

night: Gasthof Bergheimat. Very friendly staff.

Only 5 minutes walk from the Königsee away.

We followed the river Salzach until Reichenhall.

There is a long climb from Reichenhall to Bischofswiesen. Gravel trail as usual.

A long detour followed: we made hotel reservations at Götschenhof. This was a bad mistake. The inn-keeper didn't tell, that this hotel is located in 900 m elevation. He has been knowing, we are bicyclists, but he kept hidden this fact. A nearly 3 kilomter stiff climb (12%). Better stay away from that hotel. The inn-keeper is somehow rude. We left to Schönau and found a better place.

day distance: 86 kilometers

day sum of climbing: 1200 hm

7. day: August 26, 2017

Schönau - Salzburg

We had an early morning ship to St. Bartolomeo.

We followed the Berchtesgadener Ache. A wonderful bicycle trail. Most the time gravel.

Following the river to Markschellenberg. No real climb. More a downhill...

Very close to Salzburg.

day distance: 30 kilometers

day sum of climbing: 100 hm

some photo impressions:

Riene va plu

gravel bike trail along the river Berchtesgadener Ache

- End of tour and report -