Psychologist specialising in Counselling & Psychotherapy

Linda Stephenson

MA (Psychological Counselling), BA (Art History), BSc (Psychology)

If you would like to consider counselling or psychotherapy, please contact me by telephone or email to arrange a preliminary meeting where we will both decide if we would like to work together. I will attempt to respond to your enquiry within 24 hours.

Sessions are usually 50 minutes duration but the preliminary may take a little longer, up to 1.5 hours. There are no obligatory number of sessions you need to attend; some people find one session sufficient whereas others wish to work over a longer period of time.


Initial Assessment Session £90 for individuals, £110 for couples

Regular weekly sessions available

Telephone, Zoom or Skype sessions available

Short or long term work

“The idea of Time was of value to me for yet another reason: it was a spur, it told me that it was time to begin if I wished to attain to what I had sometimes perceived in the course of my life………. at those moments of perception which had made me think that life was worth living. How much more worth living did it appear to me now, now that I seemed to see that this life that we live in half-darkness can be illumined, this life that at every moment we distort can be resorted to its true pristine shape……”

Marcel Proust. (1911/1992: 433)