Psychologist specialising in Counselling & Psychotherapy

Linda Stephenson

MA (Psychological Counselling), BA (Art History), BSc (Psychology)

All human beings struggle with life experiences and relationships. Sometimes, particularly at moments of crisis, we need the help of another to clarify and explore our particular difficulties so that we can move forward and flourish in life. Research has shown that Freud’s so called “Talking Cure” helps to alleviate all sorts of problems, such as;

Depression * Anxiety * Stress * Life Crisis * Domestic Violence * Sexual Abuse * Trauma * Bereavement * Eating Disorders * Relationship Breakdown * Emotional Conflicts * Dilemmas * Anger * Postnatal Depression * Personality Disorders * Work Related Issues * Low Self-Confidence

If you are at a point in your life where you are motivated to seek change, are brave enough to attempt to articulate this with another, there is every reason to believe counselling and psychotherapy may help you.

As a psychologist specialising in counselling and psychotherapy, I offer a confidential and anonymous space where you are free to discuss whatever is on your mind.

“The patient should say anything that came to his mind, no matter how absurd, immoral, or painful it seemed”

Sigmund Freud (Loewenfeld, 1904)