President Lincoln 
and the Civil War in 3D
For Clubs, Libraries, Scouts, School, Churches, 
Senior Groups, History Groups
Presented by Karl M. Kindt III
Instructor at SWIC and Webster University
314 308 7075


To View Every Known Photograph of Lincoln CLICK HERE

A Program that presents the history of President Lincoln and the Civil War in a 3d Slideshow with Music from the era and narration.  The image to the left is a 3d image taken during the Civil War as one example of the images you will see but you will need the pair of 3D glasses to see this in 3d.*  These will be provided free of charge.

Also - see the Library of Congress 3d Lincoln and Civil War Collection at

Click on the image to enlarge

Karl M. Kindt III
Instructor at Southwestern Illinois College
314 308 7075
4944 Lindell, Suite 7W
St. Louis, MO 63108

Amazing 3d photos were taken by photographers during the Civil War of the battles and soldiers and of President Lincoln.  This 3d Slideshow makes this history come alive as if you are there during this historic struggle in our nation's history.  See President Lincoln for the first time in real 3D.

Each person receives a pair of 3d glasses that they make take with them and continue to enjoy 3d photos on the web after the event.

We will also sing a couple of Civil War Songs at the end of the presentation.