The Ligon Band is thrilled to announce that the Ligon Jazz Ensemble has been invited to perform at the 73rd Midwest Band and Orchestra Clinic. We are beyond excited to represent our program, school, and state at such a prestigious event. Thank you to so many who have helped us realize this dream. We hope to honor you well.

Please consider showing your support today to ensure our students share this fantastic opportunity. No donation to large or small. All donations are tax deductible.

Banner Year Ahead! Ligon Bands announces two national performances for their top ensembles.

Ligon Wind Ensemble

Jinx - Ryan George Commission Consortium

Ligon Jazz Ensemble

Walkin' and Swingin' - Mary Lou Williams

Communication for All Band Families:

    • Ligon GT Magnet Middle School Bands’ Website: Use for info and practice records ligonband.com
    • Remind- text, app or email messages used regularly

Text 81010 and then in the message are type: “@ligon…. “

      • 1st Period Intermediate Band “@ligonib”
      • 2nd Period Wind Ensemble “@ligonwe”
      • 3rd Period Jazz “@ligonjb”
      • 4th Period Symphonic “@ligonsb”
      • 6th and 7th Periods Beginning Band “@ligonbb”
    • Email- from Ms. Todd or Band Parent Liaisons- please make sure you fill out the band contract with a correct email contact. There are weekly band emails that generally go out on Sundays that are very informative. weloveligonbands@gmail.com

In addition to the formal methods of communication we invite you to join us on you favorite types of social media as well:

    • Facebook page, search for “Ligon GT Magnet Middle School Bands”
    • Twitter handle is @LigonBands
    • Instagram LigonBand

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