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Gina Clarinet

Annabell Flute

Intermediate Band 2021-22

Intermediate Band


Symphonic Band 2021-22

Symphonic Band


Wind Ensemble Syllabus

Ligon Wind Ensemble


Beginning Band Info

Beginning Band

Communication for All Band Families:

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Communcation for all Band Families

Ligon Band Handbook 2021-2022

Ligon Band Handbook

Ligon Jazz Ensemble 2019-2020

Ligon Wind Ensemble 2019-2020

Ligon Jazz Ensemble 2018-19

Ligon Wind Ensemble 2017-2018

Ligon Wind Ensemble


Ligon Wind Ensemble NCMEA 2015-2016

Ligon Wind Ensemble

Jinx - Ryan George Commission Consortium

Ligon Jazz Ensemble

Walkin' and Swingin' - Mary Lou Williams

In addition to the formal methods of communication we invite you to join us on you favorite types of social media as well:

    • Facebook page, search for “Ligon GT Magnet Middle School Bands”

    • Twitter handle is @LigonBands

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