About the Site

About the Site & Acknowledgements

  • Hugh R G Lidstone - for allowing us to use extracts from his book - Lidstones of the South Hams of Devon, first published in 1989.
  • Ann Lidstone - for assisting with the editing of this site.
  • Betty Warne and Ann Lidstone (Buckland tout Saints Millennium Committee) for allowing parts of their book Buckland tout Saints, The Parish, Its People and Their Homes, to be quoted.
  • Judy Chard for allowing us to quote from her book The South Hams, published 1980.
  • Thank you very much to all other contributors and everyone who has allowed us to put either their details or details of their site on this one.
  • The LFHS will not be publishing personal details of any living members or famliy trees on the internet, some historical records may be posted from time to time. Any personal details found on the internet have been put there by others and may not be correct.