Liberty Trail Cat Fanciers

Welcome to the Liberty Trail Cat Fanciers, Nova Cat Fanciers, Moorestown Cat Fanciers and Sign of the Cat Fanciers page!

We are a CFA family of show-producing clubs in the North Atlantic Region.

Liberty Trail Cat Fanciers & NOVA Cat Fanciers

Our April 2020 show has been canceled. (Easton, PA)

Please stay healthy so we can see you at future shows!

See cats judged in twelve rings, watch cat agility, meet local rescue groups, meet breeders, and more!!

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Cat shows are a great inexpensive entertainment and educational fun activity for the whole family.

Please keep an eye out for blue buttons worn by some exhibitors. These identify CFA Ambassadors that will be happy to answer your questions. Also look for "Pet Me" cats as well!

Special thanks to our sponsors !!!

Look for this!