About Libby

Once I discovered how watercolor moves on the paper I was hooked. 20 years later and I am still fascinated by the medium.

As with most artists we paint what we know. In my case it is predominantly flowers and horses.

I grew up riding horses and continue to have rescued horses. It is the strength and motion and soul of a horse that I am attracted to as well as shape, angles, circles that lend themselves to abstraction.

I also have a love of gardening. Landscaping is another form of canvas (which requires more work). Over the years I have learned the structure and growing habit of all types of plants. I will use photo references in some instances and in others allow my memory to takeover.

Abstracts are when I can truly show myself in my art work. I have always been fascinated by the term abstract expressionism and try to incorporate that when painting. It is challenging not to define a subject but to rather suggest or allow the viewer to decide what he or she is seeing. For me, abstracts are a vehicle by which the inner voice can be heard.

Art is my therapy and form of expression. I am grateful to have discovered it and take pleasure in sharing it with all who are interested. My pricing is very competitive and reasonable so as to allow my paintings to be seen and enjoyed by others.

If you are interested in a piece on my website please contact me.

I am available for commission pieces if you have a size or subject matter, I would be glad to discuss options with you.

I have had the pleasure of receiving instruction from wonderful artists, including Cara Brown, Nancy Collins, Susan Adams, Barbara Nechis and Jean Warren.

My paintings have received awards from juries shows at the Marin Society of Artists, Marin County Fair, Watercolor Association of Sonoma, and Sacramento Art Center.