Welcome to Lexington's Only Self Serve Dog Wash

* No time limits or appointments needed! *

A big thanks to everyone who stopped by to support the Wildcat Service Dogs Fundraiser!


Self Serve Wash Includes: Grooming Service Includes:
  • Waist high tubs
  • Basic shampoo's
  • High velocity dryers 
  • Apron 
  • Towels 
  • Blow dryer
  • Grooming tools
  • We supply brushes, nail clippers, shedding brushes, ear cleaner -- everything you need to groom your dog!
  • Accredited professional groomers
  • No cage environment
  • Indoor play time
  • Walks outside
  • Snack & fresh water
  • Beds for napping
  • Anal glands expressed
  • Toenails are trimmed
  • Ears cleaned / treatment
Hours of Operation