Erin L. Anewalt - Lewistown Borough Tax Collector
Lewistown Borough Municipal Bldg - 2 East 3rd St., Lewistown, PA 17044

Phone: 717-953-1479

    COVID-19 Update - My office will be closing for in-person business, effective 12/2/2020. Please visit my Facebook page for additional information:

This info can also be found (in PDF form) by following the link to "Frequently Asked Questions" at the top of this page. The file is located at the very bottom of the FAQs page. 

    Hi! My name is Erin Anewalt and I started my 2nd term as the municipal Tax Collector for the Borough of Lewistown in January of 2018. I am considered an elected official and took office in 2014. I designed this website for taxpayers that live in and/or own property in the borough, so they can have another way to get information about per capita and real estate taxes. It also provides an alternate way to contact me. I also hope that this page can be a helpful resource for understanding the taxing process. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have. 
Here is some basic information about my job as tax collector:
    • I am responsible for collecting two types of taxes in the current year:
                      Per Capita taxes and Real Estate taxes:
      • Per Capita Tax - a flat rate levied upon each individual, eighteen years of age or older, residing within the taxing district. In Mifflin County this tax is $10.00 and is paid twice per year. The spring per capita tax money is equally divided and turned over to the Lewistown Borough Treasurer and the Mifflin County Treasurer. The fall per capita bill revenue is turned over to Mifflin County School District.

      • Real Estate Tax - every property owner pays real estate taxes, unless otherwise exempted, to 3 independent taxing districts: the county, the municipality (Lewistown Borough), and the school district. These are also paid twice per year. The County/Municipal taxes are combined on the same bill and come in March. The School District taxes come in August.


    • I only collect taxes that are due in the current year. After December 31st of any given year, taxes are considered delinquent and I turn them over to two different parties to collect:

      • Delinquent Per Capita taxes are sent to Keystone Collections, NOT MIFFCO. This is new in 2018!



    • Each municipality has it's own tax collector. See link to the left for list of tax collectors in Mifflin County.


    • Effective August 2014: I will be collecting the following fees:

      • $10.00 for tax certifications and duplicate bill requests

      • $40.00 for a check returned to me for any reason