Research Interests:

  • Equilibria in static games, repeated games, incomplete information games, and continuous-time games.

  • Learning in repeated interactions, with complete or incomplete information.

  • Information economics and competitive equilibrium.

  • Various topics in mathematical economics, game theory, microeconomic theory, real analysis, and others.

Works in Progress:

  • Slicing the Nash Equilibrium Manifold

  • Equilibrium in Unidimensional Insurance Markets w/ Coverage Restrictions (w/ Andre Veiga, tentative title)

  • Bayesian Equilibrium: From Local to Global (w/ Ziv Hellman and Dov Samet, tentative title)

  • Undecidability of Existence of Measurable Equilibrium Selections

Works in Early Stages (titles tentative):

  • Additional Player Payoff Robustness

  • Hyperstability Revisited

Works began long ago, now on hold:

  • Frictions and Equilibria in Insurance Markets (w/ Andre Veiga)

  • Stochastic Eventual Perfect Monitoring. (w/ Itai Arieli)


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  • Equilibria Existence in Bayesian games: Climbing the Countable Borel Equivalence Relation Hierarchy (w/ Ziv Hellman)
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  • Dense Orbits of the Bayesian Updating Group Action (w/ Ziv Hellman).
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Other Works:

  • “Stochastic Games” (w/ Eilon Solan), In: Sotomayor M., Pérez-Castrillo D., Castiglione F. (eds) Complex Social and Behavioral Systems. Encyclopedia of Complexity and Systems Science Series. Springer, New York, NY.

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