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For large corporations - we design the basis of Infrastructure - supporting for example the Cloud services they want to service their client base.

IT Infrastructure with Virtualization as the latest, are adding an additional complexity layer on top of an already complex infrastructure - the result: It becomes even more complex.

SOA isn't going to help if Business processes cannot benefit from the IT services SOA is trying to deliver its services for. So, you need to relate a true partnership of SOA with Business Processes,

If Cloud Computing sounds interesting to you, as IT Vendor, just a few warning words from this author:

      • Expect Cloud to add yet another complexity to your already complex Virtualization platforms

      • Don't expect Cloud can revolutionize your IT service delivery, if you havent created your Service Definitions - from 'bottom up'

      • Do you have legacy IT Services still yet to be Cloud provisioned - then you have to use clever minds to build up a compatible Service Catalog along your Cloud investments.

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