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In addition to being certified by Dr. John McDougall to teach The Starch Solution, I have been  following The McDougall Plan for over 15 years, losing over 50 pounds, dropping cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar, reducing arthritis pain and getting off all medications. I know the benefits and the issues that can be encountered along the way and have the ability to address your specific needs. I offer classes and coach people worldwide on how to improve their health with this lifestyle. You can benefit from my experience, knowledge and ability as we embark on a journey to positively change your life forever with new found health and energy.

Join my classes, live group discussions and online discussions with your classmates about your specific successes and challenges. You will receive ongoing support on my website, Facebook page, discussion board and conference calls.

Let’s be healthy together. –Jeff

An exciting step by big insurance to save money by improving people's health!

Kaiser Permanente, a huge health insurer in California, is encouraging its policy holders to follow a whole food plant based diet for their health as well as encouraging their physicians and healthcare providers to recommend it to their patients. The documents they produced are below.

This tells you how.

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Dr. John McDougall and Jeff

Jeff with the McDougalls at VegFest in Portland, Oregon
Jeff and Mary McDougall
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