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Artist Leorah Parker

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The Lotus a symbol of purity of Heart and Mind

Acrylic on linen - Sold

"Dancing Trees"

Lake George, Ontario Canada

Acrylic on Linen board

12 in. x16 in. $750.

"Life Amidst the Garden"

Gan HaPaamon, Jerusalem

Oil on Canvas 16 in. x 20 in. ~ SOLD

"By Nature's Design"

Botanical Garden, Ein Gedi

Oil on Canvas 24 in. x26 in. $1800


Join weekly Workshop Art Classes that will Improve your Drawing ability & advance your painting skills!

Israel Museum Drawing Class ~ Time in Art appreciation, inspiration and drawing from Exhibits

Small class size ~ Individual instruction ~ Call to join! cell 054-615-7935

Details in Wood ~ Life's Pathways

Oil on Canvas 50 cm x 70 cm

Tribute to Van Gogh

Oil on Canvas 40 cmx 50 cm