About Me

Currently I am a Professor in Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU). I was a research scientist in Inception Institute of Artifical Intelligence (IIAI), UAE. I was a research staff in the University of Adelaide. I have got my Ph.D. degree in the school of computer science, NPU, Xi'an, China. In NPU, I was supervised by Prof. Yanning Zhang and Dr. Wei Wei.

Contact me: nwpuzhanglei@nwpu.edu.cn; nwpuzhanglei@gmail.com

Google Scholar: link

Research Interests

  • Compressive sensing & image processing, especially on hyperspectral image

  • Machine learning, e.g., visual domain adaptation, unsupervised learning

  • Bayesian inference


    • Professor in the Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU), China, Sep. 2020 to presesnt.

    • Research scientist in the Inception Institute of Artifical of Intelligence (IIAI), UAE, Feb. 2019 to Sep. 2020.

    • Research staff in The University of Adelaide, Australia, Aug. 2017 to Jan. 2019.

    • Visiting PHD student in The University of Adelaide, Australia, supervised by Prof. Chunhua Shen and Dr. Javen Shi, Jan. 2015 to Jan. 2017.

Recent Updates

  • (April, 2021) One paper “Towards Effective Hyperspectral Image Classification Using Dual-level Deep Spatial Manifold Representation” is accepted by TGRS2021.

  • (March, 2021) One paper “GSDet: Object Detection in Aerial Images Based on Scale Reasoning” is accepted by TIP2021.

  • (March, 2021) Two papers are accepted by IGARSS2021.

  • (March, 2021) One paper “Embarrassingly Simple Binarization for Deep Single Imagery Super-resolution Networks” is accepted by TIP2021.

  • (February, 2021) One paper “Contrastive Learning based Hybrid Networks for Long-Tailed Image Classification” is accepted by CVPR 2021.

  • (January, 2021) One paper “Exploiting textual queries for dynamically visual disambiguation” is accepted by PR 2021.

  • (January, 2021) One paper "Boosting Hyperspectral Image Classification With Unsupervised Feature Learning" is accepted by TGRS 2021.

  • (December, 2020) One paper "Towards Accurate HDR Imaging with Learning Generator Constraints" is accepted by Neurocomputing 2020.

  • (December, 2020) One paper "Unsupervised Recurrent Hyperspectral Imagery Super-resolution Using Pixel-aware Refinement " is accepted by TGRS 2020.

  • (November, 2020) One paper "Boosting One-Shot Spectral Super-Resolution Using Transfer Learning " is accepted by TCI 2020.

  • (June, 2020) One paper "Deep Blind Hyperspectral Image Super-Resolution " is accepted by TNNLS 2020.

  • (March, 2020) One paper "Towards Effective Deep Embedding for Zero-Shot Learning " is accepted by TCSVT 2020.

  • (March, 2020) One paper "Unsupervised Deep Hyperspectral Super-resolution with Unregistered Images" is accepted by ICME2020.

  • (February, 2020) One paper "Unsupervised Adaptation Learning for Hyperspectral Imagery Super-resolution" is accepted by CVPR 2020.

  • (February, 2020) One paper "Deep HDR Imaging via A Non-Local Network" is accepted by TIP 2020.

  • (November, 2019) One paper "Data-specific Activation Function Learning for Hyperspectral Image Classification" got the best paper award in ICOT 2019.

  • (November, 2019) One paper "Pixel-wise Deep Function-mixture network for Spectral Super-resolution" is accepted by AAAI 2020.

  • (November, 2019) One paper "Accurate Tensor Completion via Adaptive Low-Rank Representation" is accepted by TNNLS 2019.

  • (September, 2019) One paper "Adaptive Importance Learning for Improving Lightweight Image Super-resolution Network" is accepted by IJCV 2019.

  • (June, 2019) One paper "A Separation-Aggregation Network for Image Denoising" is accepted by Applied Soft Computing 2019.

  • (May, 2019) One paper "Learning Discriminative Compact Representation for Hyperspectral Imagery Classification" is accepted by TGRS 2019.

  • (May, 2019) Four papers (3 oral and 1 poster) are accepted by IGARSS 2019.

  • (March, 2019) One paper “Accurate Imagery Recovery Using a Multi-Observation Patch Model” is accepted by Information Science 2019

  • (March, 2019) One paper “Bayesian Nonnegative Matrix Factorization With a Truncated Spike-and-slab Prior” is accepted by ICME 2019.

  • (February, 2019) One paper “Variational Bayesian Dropout with A Hierarchical Prior” is accepted by CVPR 2019.

  • (January, 2019) One paper “Robust Hyperspectral Image Domain Adaptation with Noisy Labels” is accepted by GRSL 2019.

  • (November, 2018) One paper “One-step Adaptive Markov Random Field for Structured Compressive Sensing” is accepted by Signal Processing 2018.

  • (October, 2018) One paper “An Adaptive Markov Random Field for Structured Compressive Sensing” is accepted by TIP 2018.

  • (August, 2018) Two papers are accepted by PRCV 2018.

  • (July, 2018) One paper “Exploiting Clustering Manifold Structure for Hyperspectral Imagery Super-Resolution” is accepted by TIP 2018.

  • (July, 2018) One paper “Intra-Cluster Structured Low-Rank Matrix Analysis Method for Hyperspectral Denoising” is accepted by TGRS 2018.

  • (July, 2018) One paper “Deblurring Natural Image Using Super-Gaussian Fields” is accepted by ECCV 2018.

  • (July, 2018) Two papers are accepted by BigMM 2018.

  • (May, 2018) One paper “Unsupervised Domain Adaptation Using Robust Class-Wise Matching” is accepted by TCSVT 2018.

  • (May, 2018) One paper “Deep Cube-Pair Network for Hyperspectral Imagery Classification” is accepted by Remote Sensing 2018.

  • (April, 2018) One paper “Exploiting Structured Sparsity for Hyperspectral Anomaly Detection” is accepted by TGRS 2018.

  • (March, 2018) One paper “Cluster Sparsity Field: An Internal Hyperspectral Imagery Prior for Reconstruction” is accepted by IJCV 2018.

  • (February, 2018) One paper “Salient object detection in hyperspectral imagery using multi-scale spectral-spatial gradient” is accepted by Neurocomputing 2018.

  • (February, 2018) One paper “When Low Rank Representation Based Hyperspectral Imagery Classification Meets Segmented Stacked Denoising Auto-Encoder Based Spatial-Spectral Feature” is accepted by Remote Sensing 2018.

  • (July, 2017) One paper “Structured Sparse Coding based Hyperspectral Imagery Denoising with Intra-cluster Filtering” is accepted by TGRS 2017.

  • (July, 2017) One paper “When Unsupervised Domain Adaptation Meets Tensor Representations” is accepted by ICCV 2017.

  • (February, 2017) One paper “Hyperspectral image super resolution extending: An effective fusion based method without knowing the spatial transformation matrix” is accepted by ICME 2017.

  • (July, 2016) One paper “Dictionary Learning for Promoting Structured Sparsity in Hyperspectral Compressive Sensing” is accepted by TGRS 2016.

  • (July, 2016) One paper “Exploring Structured Sparsity by A Reweighted Laplace Prior for Hyperspectral Compressive Sensing” is accepted by TIP 2016.

  • (July, 2016) One paper “Cluster Sparsity Field for Hyperspectral Imagery Denoising” is accepted by ECCV 2016.

  • (Sept, 2015) One paper “Hyperspectral Compressive Sensing Using Manifold-Structured Sparsity Prior” is accepted by ICCV 2015.

  • (Apri, 2015) One paper "Reweighted Laplace Prior Based Hyperspectral Compressive Sensing for Unknown Sparsity" is accepted by CVPR 2015.