Leigh Wedenoja
leigh_wedenoja[at] brown[dot] edu

I believe that teaching economics is an integral part of being an economist. While I have predominantly spent my graduate and postdoctoral career as a researcher, I am committed to working with students to develop valuable insights into the world and a set of reasoning skills that they can take forward into their personal and professional lives. I strongly believe that undergraduate and masters level research opportunities are important in developing future scholars and policy makers and I value a collaborative process of teaching through research and practice in addition to the classroom. 

At the undergraduate level I am qualified to teach core courses in economic theory, particularly introductory and intermediate microeconomics and applied econometrics/empirical methods. I am also qualified to teach quantitative methods in a graduate or undergraduate education or policy department. In addition to core courses, my graduate coursework and research prepare me to teach labor economics, behavioral economics, the economics of education, policy analysis, economics of gender, and development economics from a labor perspective. I welcome the opportunity to develop interdisciplinary courses across the social sciences and with the input of practitioners and policy makers with the aim or preparing students for graduate school or the workplace.