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I am an Associate Professor of Economics at Monash University and ARC Discovery Early Career Research Fellow. 
Before, I was a Postdoc at U Chicago and the Ostrom Workshop at IU. My PhD (Uni Zurich) is in Economics; my MA in Management, Psychology & Sociology.

I am broadly interested in cooperativeness & competitiveness addressing questions in different fields of economics and other social sciences. I typically use lab & field experiments and have tremendously benefited from Ernst FehrJohn List, and Lin Ostrom.

My research is published in journals like 
Review of Economic StudiesPNAS;  Management Science; Economic Journal;  Journal of Public Economics; European Economic Review; Journal of Environmental Economics and Management.

& was featured in the Wall Street Journal; Forbes; Time MagazineABC NewsNBC NewsHuffington Post; Boston Globe; Nature Magazine; Marginalrevolution; Freakonomics; The AtlanticLa Stampa; Sydney Herald Tribune.