• My Major research interests are in the fundamental interactions of nature. Mostly, I study new gauge symmetries as the physics beyond the standard model. A new gauge interaction might be important in understanding the dark matter sector of the universe (e.g., this illustration). Since we do not know where this new fundamental force is hidden or what it couples to, the proper investigation requires studying broad areas of the particle physics. I am also interested in the formal aspects of the strong interaction (QCD), which is well known but still mysterious because of its non-perturbative nature.
  • I have helped launching and organizing Light Dark World International Forums: Light Dark World 2016 (Daejeon, July 2016), Light Dark World 2017 (Pittsburgh, October 2017), Light Dark World 2018 (perhaps in Vienna, Summer 2018), and so on.
  • Grant Awards: NRF Strategic Research Program (Project Title: Investigation of light new particles through a new portal to the dark sector) from November 2017.


  • My Research Interests: Particle Theory (especially, physics beyond the standard model)
    • New fundamental interactions
    • Dark matter
    • Neutrino oscillations
    • Low-energy New physics (such as dark photon, axion)
    • Connecting High-energy physics and Low-energy physics 
    • Large Hadron Collider physics (explaining data and predicting new signals) 
  • My Publications: 56 papers (46 regular papers + 10 reports; over 2600 citations; h-index = 25)


  • Education:
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  • Service:
    • Referee for PRL (since 2006), PRD (since 2006), JCAP (since 2008), EJPC (since 2016), PDG (since 2017)
    • Auditor of Association of Korean Physicists in America (AKPA), 2013-2015
    • Member of Executive Committee and Publicity&Editorial Committee of AKPA, 2009-2011
    • The Z' Hunter's Guide (on-line introduction to Z' physics that I made as a graduate student)


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