Short bio

Jianguo Li (in some early papers Jianguo Lee) is a senior staff researcher with Intel Labs. He got his BS degree from Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST) in July 2001 with Honor, and his PhD degree from Tsinghua University in July 2006. His research interests includes computer vision, machine learning, and their applications. He had published 40+ peer-reviewed papers in top-tier conferences/journals, and hold 50+ US patents (30+ filed, others pending). He also led team to win or perform top on several well-known vision challenges: TRECVID, Middlebury MVS, UMass FDDB, PASCAL VOC, MSR-VTT, VQA2.0, NIPS 2017 adversarial vision challenge, etc. He was TPC member of CVPR, ICCV, ECCV, AAAI, IJCAI, etc for several years. His work has been transferred to and shipped with some Intel Products, including some hardware features on CPU & accelerators.  He is senior member of IEEE, member of ACM.

Full Resume: pdfcv
News: We organize computer vision for wildlife conservation (CVWC) workshop & challenges at ICCV 2019. 

Thanks note

In early March 2014, I had a severe car accident during my business visit to California, USA, which yields coma, multiple fracture, spinal and brain injury. And I was in SCVMC for 4 weeks before sending back to China. After near 3 months medical care and rest, I am fully recovered now. I would like to thank all the doctors, nurses, occupational/physical/speech/psychological/recreation therapists at SCVMC who took great care of me during my stay in the hospital. During this tough period, my colleagues at Intel, my friends and classmates at USA and China, and my family gave me a lot of help and encourages. Without their help and encourages, I could not recover so fast. Here, I would like to thank you all.

Selected publications

  1. Object Detection from Scratch with Deep Supervision
  2. Zhiqiang Shen, Zhuang Liu, Jianguo Li, Yu-Gang Jiang, Yurong Chen, Xiangyang Xue
    IEEE Transaction on PAMI (accepted) 

  3. Towards Accurate One-Stage Object Detection with AP-Loss
  4. Kean Chen, Jianguo Li, Weiyao Lin, John See, et al
    CVPR 2019 (accepted)

  5. Stochastic Quantization for Learning Accurate Low-bit Deep Neural Networks
  6. Yinpeng Dong, Renkun Ni, Jianguo Li, Yurong Chen, Hang Su, Jun Zhu
    IJCV Mar, 2019.

  7. Composite Binary Decomposition Networks
  8. You Qiaoben, Zheng Wang, Jianguo Li, Yinpeng Dong, Yu-Gang Jiang, Jun Zhu
    AAAI 2019

  9. Tiny-DSOD: Lightweight Object Detection for Resource-Restricted Usages
  10. Yuxi Li, Jiuwei Li, Weiyao Lin, Jianguo Li
    BMVC 2018 

  11. Network Decoupling: From Regular to Depthwise Separable Convolutions
  12. Jianbo Guo, Yuxi Li, Weiyao Lin, Yurong Chen, Jianguo Li
    BMVC 2018

  13. Visual Content Recognition by Exploiting Semantic Feature Map with Attention and Multi-task Learning
  14. Rui-wei Zhao, Qi Zhang, Zuxuan Wu, Jianguo Li, Yu-gang Jiang
    ACM ToMM, Vol 1. 2019

  15. Boosting Adversarial Attacks with Momentum
  16. Yinpeng Dong, Fangzhou Liao, Tianyu Pang, Hang Su, Jun Zhu, Xiaolin Hu, Jianguo Li
    CVPR 2018 (spotlight)

  17. Learning Visual Knowledge Memory Networks for Visual Question Answering
    Zhou Su, Chen Zhu, Yinpeng Dong, Dongqi Cai, Yurong Chen, Jianguo Li
    CVPR 2018

  18. Learning Efficient Convolutional Networks through Network Slimming
    Zhuang Liu, Jianguo Li, Zhiqiang Shen, Gao Huang, Shoumeng Yan, Changshui Zhang
    ICCV 2017  [Code]

  19. DSOD: Learning Deeply Supervised Object Detectors from Scratch
    Zhiqiang Shen, Zhuang Liu, Jianguo Li, Yu-Gang Jiang, Yurong Chen, Xiangyang Xue
    ICCV 2017 [Code]  

  20. BodyFusion: Real-time Capture of Human Motion and Surface Geometry
    Using a Single Depth Camera

    Tao Yu, Kaiwen Guo, Feng Xu, Yuan Dong, Zhaoqi Su, Jianhui Zhao, Jianguo Li, Qionghai Dai and Yebin Liu
    ICCV 2017 [Project Page]

  21. Learning Accurate Low-Bit Deep Neural Networks with Stochastic Quantization
    Yinpeng Dong, Renkun Ni, Jianguo Li, Hang Su, Jun Zhu
    BMVC 2017 (oral) [Code] (best paper finalist)

  22. Weakly Supervised Dense Video Captioning
    Zhiqiang Shen, Jianguo Li, Zhou Su, Minjun Li, Yurong Chen, Yu-Gang Jiang, Xiangyang Xue
    CVPR 2017

  23. Binary Optimized Hashing
    Qi Dai, Jianguo Li, Jingdong Wang, Yu-Gang Jiang
    ACM Multimedia 2016 (full-length oral paper)

  24. Regional Gating Neural Networks for Multi-Label Image Classification
    Rui-wei Zhao, Jianguo Li, Yurong Chen, Yu-Gang Jiang
    BMVC 2016 (oral)

  25. A Bayesian Hashing approach and its application to face recognition
    Qi Dai, Jianguo Li, Jun Wang, Yurong chen, Yu-Gang Jiang
    Neurocomputing, June, 2016

  26. Deep Attributes from Context-Aware Regional Neural Codes
    CoRR abs/1509.02470

  27. Optimal Bayesian Hashing for Efficient Face Recognition
  28. Dai Qi, Jianguo Li, Jun Wang, Yu-Gang Jiang
    IJCAI 2015

  29. Learning SURF Cascade for Fast and Accurate Object Detection
    Jianguo Li
    Tech-report, short version in CVPR 2013. [Project page]
  30. Interactive Object Segmentation from Multi-view Images
    Anh Nguyen, Jianfei Cai, Jianmin Zheng,  Jianguo Li
    Journal of Visual Communication and Image Representation, 2013.

  31. Face Detection Using SURF Cascade
    Jianguo Li, Tao Wang
    ICCV 2011 workshop on BeFIT. [Project Page]
  32. Bundled Depth-Map Merging for Multi-View Stereo
    Jianguo Li, Eric Li, Yurong Cheng, Lin Xu
    CVPR 2010 (oral) [webpage]

  33. A general texture mapping framework for image-based 3D modeling
    Lin Xu, Eric Li, Jianguo Li, Yurong Chen
    ICIP, 2010.

  34. Accelerating Video-Mining Applications Using Many Small, General-Purpose Cores
    Eric Li, Wenlong Li, Xiaofeng Tong, Jianguo Li, et al
    IEEE Micro, vol. 28, no. 5, pp. 8-21, 2008.

  35. One step beyond histograms: image representation using Markov stationary features
    Jianguo Li, Weixin Wu, Tao Wang
    CVPR 2008 (oral) [Win32 binary toolkit]

  36. Novel parallel Hough transform on multi-core processors
    Yen-Kuang Chen, Wenlong Li, Jianguo Li, et al.
    ICASSP 2008.
  37. Discriminant Additive Tangent Space for Object Recognition
    Liang Xiong, Jianguo Li, Changshui Zhang
    CVPR 2007.

  38. Cast Indexing for videos by ncuts and page ranking
    Yong Gao, Tao Wang, Jianguo Li, et al
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  39. Generalized Additive Bayesian Network Classifiers
    Jianguo Li, Changshui Zhang, Tao Wang
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  40. Face Recognition  using  Feature  of  Integral Gabor-Haar  Transformation
    Jianguo Li, Tao Wang, Yimin Zhang
    IEEE ICIP-07.[SDK]

  41. Semantic Event Detection using Conditional Random Fields
    Tao Wang, Jianguo Li, et al

    In: Proc. CVPR 2006 Workshop,  109~116.

  42. Soccer highlight detection Using two-dependence Bayesian network
    Jianguo Li,
    Tao Wang, et al.
    ICME 2006.

  43. Classification of Gene-expression Data: the Manifold based Metric Learning Way
    Jianguo Lee, Changshui Zhang
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  44. Visual Object Recognition using Probabilistic Kernel Subspace Similarity
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  45. Probabilistic Tangent Subspace: A Unified View
    Jianguo Lee, Jingdong Wang, Changshui Zhang, Zhaoqi Bian
    In: Proc. 21st Intl. Conf. on Machine Learning (ICML 2004)
    Banff, Alberta, Canada, 2004. 

  46. Kernel trick embedded Gaussian Mixture model
    Jingdong Wang, Jianguo Lee, Changshui Zhang
    In Algorithmic Learning Theory, 2003

  47. Color Image Segmentation: Kernel Do the Feature Space
    Jianguo Lee, Jingdong Wang, Changshui Zhang
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  48. Learning Semantic Feature Map for Visual Content Recognition
    Rui-wei Zhao, Zuxuan Wu, Jianguo Li, Yu-Gang Jiang
    ACM Multimedia 2017 (full-length research paper)