The Successful Learner

In today's global competitive environment, successful learners are those who build competence in three distinct areas: as a person, in cooperative groups, and in groups where collaborative intelligence is required. Learners and mentors need to develop expertise in all three areas during the learning process. By doing various types of projects or learning experiences, work into the project if possible all three skills so that the learner can demonstrate a developing ability to function effectively in a wide variety of work situations. The poster is available at the bottom of the page to print out.

Text on the Poster:

The Successful Learner or group of Learners Develop the Following Characteristics: 


Personal Expertise

What I (we) know and am able to do; what I “bring to the table”

I realize that my reputation is based on the qualities that I bring to any project or task. Others expect that I have “done my homework” and not only keep learning new things but also bringing a set of skills with me that I use regularly and contribute to the group.


Cooperative Group Work

My (Our) ability build something to specifications that fits with other pieces to become a working whole.

Something that works such as a car depends on each part being created to specifications and when assembled, it works. Every job and career depends on people who can demonstrate high performance. 


Collaborative Intelligence

My (Our) ability to combine what I know with others to produce something that no one of us could have created alone.

New inventions, solutions, and systems are often created by teams of experts who push the envelope; think outside the box; create work arounds; and in the process, make giant strides that make a difference. 

David loertscher,
Apr 16, 2015, 9:45 PM
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Apr 16, 2015, 9:46 PM