Basic Primer
Start here to learn some of the basic rules of the Golboren language. (Work in Progress)
  • Articles, the Lack Thereof
  • The Abundance of Suffixes
  • How Suffixes Alter Word Endings
  • Verb Tenses, No Perfect Tense
  • Diminutive and Augmentative (Lesser and Greater)

Current Projects
(Work in Progress)
What's New?
  • 2-10-17: Added To- to Adjective Stems. Added Vaa to V and Animals as Ox.
  • 29-9-17: Added Emo- to Verb Stems and E. Created List of Location Names.
  • 17-9-17: Added Golaak and Olan to respective letters. Added Roha, Rohaneska, and Olneska.
  • 16-9-17: Added Reiga- to Adjective Stems. Added Fira- to Verb Stems.
  • 15-9-17: Added a TON of words to the Adjective Stems page and reconstructed Traits and Virtues.
  • 14-9-17: Added Buka, TaltraTar and Traglada to Adjective StemsAdded noun Malgra to M and Geography and Nature. Added Hoika to H. Corrected -jar to -aja and added -eska/-neska and -etka to Suffix Masterlist. Many corrections to example sentences.  Added Bo and Lura to Verbs. (Updated Klora to Lura)
  • 12-9-17: Added suffixes -nato, -novu, and -novun to Suffix Masterlist. Added Lesku to L. Added Ulgarka to U and Animals. Added Riga to R and Geography & Nature. Added -novu to applicable verbs. Added vaistu to V. Added Clothing and Accessories. Fixed Traits and Virtues and Space & Measurements. Uncountable small changes and additions.
  • 11-9-17: Added suffixes -nuk, -sak, -ro, and -rei to the Suffix Masterlist.
  • 5-9-17: Updated noun Pol to Polta, it still means fire, but pol is a shortened colloquialism in central Koldrogan.
  • 4-9-17: Updated the Suffix Masterlist to contain gender symbols for naming. Changed suffix -dar to -tara for all verb pages. Added verb voga and mailo.
  • 3-9-17: Added Kami, Ruk, Suri, Mala, Seto, and Ros.
  • 28-8-17: Added Hoi, Dira, and Nesku.
  • 20-8-17: Added "no" to verbs. Changed age-old verb Ken to En. Updated all verbs with the -nai suffix, opposite of -dai. Added Ai and Aiga as "Oh" and "Yes." Added Ta as "distance" and tana as "distant."
  • 19-8-17: Added "keru" to verb sheet.
  • 6-8-17: Made so many edits and additions that I can't even list them all anymore.
  • 3-8-17: Changed "eken" (tree) to meaning a particular breed of tree. The word for tree in general is now "gruk."