Basic Primer
Start here to learn some of the basic rules of the Golboren language. (Work in Progress)
  • Articles, the Lack Thereof
  • The Abundance of Suffixes
  • How Suffixes Alter Word Endings
  • Verb Tenses, No Perfect Tense
  • Diminutive and Augmentative (Lesser and Greater)

Current Projects
(Work in Progress)
What's New?
  • 3-1-17: Corrected "ekne" (tree) to revised "eken." Corrected "lorst" (an animal kin to elk) to revised "lor" for compatibility with suffixes such as -van. Added Boda as Golboren for "drummer," previously only Boro. Updated Runosa to Runogani (grandmother) as -osa functionality has changed. Updated traits and virtues list to display word variations using -var. Added ruldra (child) and ruldravan (baby, infant) to People. Added frei and targra to verbs.
  • 30-12-16: Divided the vocabulary list navigation into a syntax nav and a theme nav. Removed redundant suffix -shak (-ward), obsoleted by suffix -var (turns any noun into an adverb.) Updated tense sheets for verbs Sato, Sota, Tage and Tulga.
  • 29-12-16: Removed incorrect verb Katu (to Pray), to be replaced with noun Katu (Faith). Corrected verb Lun (to Look) to Jun. Updated tense sheets for verbs Kalseto, Ken, Kuja, Makra, and Mor.
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