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Funding the Arts

Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation - Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation supports the richness and diversity of the region’s arts resources and promotes wider access to the art and artists of the region, nation and world. The Foundation serves the states and territories of Delaware, the District of Columbia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, the US Virgin Islands, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Kerry's Question - Linda Essig directs ASU's arts entrepreneurship program, reponds to a question by Kerry Lengel, theatre critic for the Arizona Republic, “Is the business model for non-profit arts broken? If so, how can it be fixed – or replaced?”

Paradise Lost - Can We Keep Non-Profits from Failing - Richard Dare suggests the "non-profit funding model is broken and needs to be fixed"

The Performing Arts in Lean Times: Opportunities for Reinvention - Link to landing page  with link to report that summarizes the Salzburg Global Seminar (2010) discussions in the plenary sessions and in the working groups, with the goal of sharing the thinking that went on in Salzburg with the wider global performing arts community.