Food Residents In Deliciously Good Entertainment

Sometimes food goes bad... very bad.

FRIDGE is a tasty series of animated shorts, which chronicles the “secret life of food.” It details the everyday adventures of food and the crazy situations that occur on the other side of the refrigerator door. The only human who is aware of the secret life of food is “Beverly,” an elderly grandmother who inadvertently discovers them “alive” every time she shows up for her midnight snack.

The series spoofs all genres as well as addresses current events “food style.”



(Episode Ideas)

1.When is a fruit not a fruit?

Jealousy builds after Commander Ketchup relates stories of beautiful fruit that lives in a prestigious place in the kitchen. The olives go on a daring out of Fridge raid to the center of the kitchen to run off this high society fruit. They are horrified to find that the fruit is all dead. Perfectly preserved plastic…

2.No free lunch

Junior orange is beyond excited about getting out of the fridge. He is convinced that he was meant for bigger and better things. He puts himself out front for lunch detail. After being bounced around all day in a lunch box, he narrowly escapes death as food is traded at the lunch table. Lucky to be passed over he returns to the fridge a bit traumatized.

3.Take out pizza

The residents are totally charmed by an mysterious Italian visitor. His beautiful language brings them to their knees but the captioning reveals his master plan to ultimately take over the fridge one shelf at a time.

4.dang Joe

The residents marvel at the exotic package that arrives in the fridge. They soon find themselves participants in a no-rules fighting tournament run by two egg rolls Dang Joe and Joe Dang.

5.pig nose

When a successful holiday meal comes to an end, the remnants are pushed to the back of the fridge and forgotten. The ham begins to fester. The residents awake to find that they have swine nose flu. They formulate several plans of attack that all fail, but in the end professor cabbage comes through.

6.50% juice

Vinny Vines is horrified as he looks down at the shriveling orbs that were once plump and juicy. Drastic problems call for drastic measures, so he calls the S.D.A (sardine detective agency.) to uncover who the sucker is.

7.dogs and dragons

The refrigerator door is left open for an unusually long time. A large beast, that looks very hungry, appears. Figuring the beast wants a sacrifice, the residents feud as to who will meet their demise.

8.the hunger

A few food residents have gone mysteriously missing. Realizing that the culprit is in the fridge, they come to the conclusion of cannibalism. Wasting no time, the residents play the blame game. Amongst the chaos the monster slips up and is revealed.

9.ring a ding dong

Beverly gets confused and places a cell phone in the fridge. Curious the residents decide to investigate. They receive a call and get into conversation with the caller.

10.multiple legged freaks

Bananas are placed in the refrigerator, the residents greet their new friends. But unbeknown to them or the bananas, a large spider hitched hiked a ride on their new friends. Terror strikes them as they are face to face with a scary unknown being.

11.burrito banditos

Leftover burritos are stored in the fridge. They steal and pillage. They are blackmailing Commander Ketchup with pictures from last years Christmas party so he can’t get involved. It’s up to the big cheese to end the burrito gang’s barbarics.

12.Food counseling

The infamous cantaloupe Dr. Bill visit’s the fridge to give the residents help on how to survive the troubles that comes with being edible.

13.Shaken and stirred

Commander Ketchup tells the eggs a story about a horrible torture device. After being scared out of their shells, Beverly places that exact device in the fridge, the in the egg shell egg scrambler.

14.The potatoes have eyes

A bowl of potatoes is placed in the back of the fridge. As time passes, they grow more and more eyes. Under the impression that they are face to face with alien life, the residents tend to their every whim.

15.Cry over spilled milk

2% spoils and has to be replaced. Reluctant to see their friend go they eagerly wait for his return back. Un fortunately he has been replaced with skim milk. Full of dry sarcasm and quite frankly a jerk; the crew throw him out of the fridge.

16.Heat wave

Something goes horribly wrong with the refrigerator. The temperature sky-rockets to hellish heights. At first they thought it was a good time to get their tan on, but they soon realize that the heat is life-threatening after some eggs explode. They consult the neighborhood genius, Professor Cabbage, to fix the deadly situation.

17.Astro Frank

Beverly has another one of her “phases” as she places a flashlight in the fridge. Thinking that it is a space shuttle they try to board the device. Frankphurt jumps into the shuttle and seals the hatch, wanting to rid himself of the troubles of fridge living. The flashlight is then removed. Frank can the be heard saying “see you later suckers.” as he “launches” into the unknown.

18.Night of the blood sausage

Grandma Beverly goes to get her midnight snack and falls asleep while in the midst of opening the refrigerator door. The light flickers ominously. The Prince of Blood sausages arises from the ever dank meat bin to terrorize the fearful foods.


Character bios

The big cheese: A larger than life character who thinks he’s all that and a bag of chips. He loves to be the center of attention and is fearless, but not out of bravery, mainly because of his gargansola sized ego. He is triangular in shape and sports a cheesy hair whip . A massive mandible and cleft chin along with a little star pore on his chest accompany his swagger. Some food residents look up to him and envy his charisma and boldness. While others find his egotistic façade to be well……quite cheesy. His friends include Peppa, Vinny ,and anyone who loves him as much as he does

Vinny Vines: Laid back and loves to go with the flow. He is pals with the big cheese who he calls “Bigs.” Because of his personality he is often influenced by other characters, sometimes this gets him into trouble. He is sometimes found dragging around an I.V. pole with cold bags of grape juice concentrate to keep himself hydrated. Being a grape cluster of simple pleasures his hobbies include playing cards, throwing random objects, and laughing at other residents’ expense, but not in front of them.

Peppa : The sexy female character. Peppa is a red hot chili pepper. She is very smart and uses her female charms to get what she wants. She has all of the male characters falling at her feet.

Stalks: He is a very tall athletic type celery stalk. He is very social and he loves to try to impress Peppa with his wit and style. He is very smooth. He has a deep voice and punctuates his thoughts with words like, “crisp”, “snap”& “fresh

Mr. & Mrs. Greene: Mr. Greene is a broccoli and Mrs. Greene is a cauliflower. The classic Mr. Wilson type character, Mr. Greene is constantly reminding everyone, “I’ve seen ‘em come and seen ‘em go.”

Mrs. Greene is very sweet. Everyone loves her. Mr. & Mrs. Greene live in a storage container in the back of the fridge.

Ben Around: Ben is an elderly fruitcake who is thousands of years old. Having been re-gifted since the beginning of time Ben has been all over the world. He is more than happy to share his tales with anyone who is unfortunate enough to be within earshot.

2%:(reference to the rapper, 50 cent) He is a ½ gal of 2% milk. Although he comes and goes frequently his personality stays constant. He raps everything that he says and his carton sports a large bling like medallion.

½ & ½ : He is a very unstable character. He is the politician of the group telling everyone what they want to hear. He can be very psychotic, changing his moods like the wind. He has two different faces on his carton.

Dagwood: He doesn’t really fit in well. He is the resident ½ breed because he is composed of less fortunate comrades. He is often confused and uncertain. He speaks in two word sentences this makes other residents think that he is stupid. When he becomes angry he scares the other residents.

Frankphurt: A sarcastic and moderately psycho hot dog. He does anything possible to keep from being eaten. He is spineless and would throw anyone in harms way to save his own skin.

Commander Ketchup & #2 Mustard: These guys are the ever present “chairmen of the door”. They move in and out of the fridge a lot and they keep the others apprised of what is going on. They are respected by the others and looked to as both judge & jury.

The Red Berets: This tightly packed jar of olives are the forces under the command of Commander Ketchup & #2. They are small in size, so they must use teamwork and their shear numbers to over come foes and obstacles.

Beverly: Is the grandmother in the house who is the only one who sees the food alive. She is seen screaming and fainting when she opens the fridge to get a snack. Her snack time is the featured intro to every episode.

Prof. Cabbage: A genius with an IQ of over the 250 mark. His vast intellect and mental capacity is credited to his whole body being his head. He is secretly the creator of Dagwood, but no other characters including Dagwood know of this.

Crybaby: An onion who suffers from severe depression and is virtually always found crying. He wears goggles in his vein attempt to control his flowing torrent of tears. Other characters recognize him as the local doom-seer because he is always so eager to throw hope overboard when faced with rudimentary feats.

Mold: The main antagonist who appears to be a crude brute, but is actually a sinister, calculating monster bent on ruling the fridge by infecting the residents one by one. He also has the ability to divide himself into smaller parts.

Eggs: The fragile, cowardly beings who inhabit the highest shelf in the fridge. They are fearful of pretty much everything, due to witnessing their kin being slaughtered every morning. They always react with high-pitched screams when the refrigerator door flies open.