Henry Hudson Drive, Nov 6, 2013

Welcome to L-DEO Bicycle Central!

This site is intended for the exchange of information concerning bicycling to, from and around Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University, in Palisades, NY. It exists to further the interests, increase the enjoyment and, if possible, enhance the safety of those who regularly or occasionally bike to Lamont, those who are considering doing so and those who may simply enjoy cycling around the area. Although nominally a bicycle site, its purview extends as well to things observed "by the side of the road." To paraphrase a well-known cyclist, "It's not (just) about the bike."

Disclaimers: (1) Although this site may be linked from L-DEO, it is not affiliated with the Observatory or with Columbia University. (2) Information posted here, whether about road conditions, traffic, equipment or whatever is not guaranteed to be timely or accurate. Bicycling involves risks. Information on this site (or linked from here) may address ways of reducing these risks, but ultimately you must assume all responsibility for your safety and security on the road. Be careful!

Notice (Updated May 2019)
L-DEO Bicycle Central is in need of a new webmaster!

You may have noticed, if you have previously visited this site, that it has has not been updated for several years. in fact I have retired (from IRI), no longer live in the city and thus no longer bike to campus. So... it is really not feasible (or sensible) for me to maintain the site, and it would be totally great if someone else were to come along and take over. The page is accessible via the Lamont Campus Life page, and described as as providing cycling and ancillary information of potential interest to Lamont cyclists. It might be good if that mission were continued, but whether, and exactly how, this might done is up to the webmeister. As it now exists the site is very much a personal creation, with original photographs, custom google maps, flora 'n' fauna entries and links, all made, written or chosen by yours truly. It is up to the next manager to take charge and repersonalize the site as s(he) sees fit. The page is hosted on Google sites, and has an associated gmail account, viz., ldeo.bicycle.central@gmail.com, a repository for photographs and a means for creating the custom maps. Inquiries may be directed to that email. Look forward to hearing from you!