This is a Shield layout and designed for a PCB by my self (mitpatterson) based upon the code and schematic by Brad Wells(

Find the Code for use with the Arduino IDE attached below as a .pde file

I have went ahead and released the board and schematic files below, these are my current "beta" verson, they are not any production ones, but these are the latest ones I have, they where created in eagle, so you will need eagle to open them.

Here is a list of what is included in the standard "kit"
(1) PCB
(1) Buzzer
(1) TMP36 Temperature Sensor
(1) Potentiometer to adjust the LCD Contrast
(2) Push button "Tact" Switches
(2) 0.1uF ceramic Caps
(1) 10K Pull down Resistor
A set of Male Header pins to connect to the Ardunio
A Female Header to connect your LCD to(you can also solder your LCD Directly to the board

Required but not included:
A LCD, must be pin compatible with this LCD:

Optional, but not included:
a second 10K Potentiometer to set the brightness, by default it is on full brightness

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