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LC Metal Glass

Theme Tips

  • All of these themes require Go Launcher EX to run.
  • You cannot open the theme from the market.
  • Before installing, make sure Go Launcher EX runs on your device.
  • If the icons do not update --> Quit Go Launcher and then start it again.  -->  Also make sure if you have apps on the sd card that the sd card is mounted.
  • To enable the sphere effect as seen on the different themes, go to Go Launcher Preferences --> Effect Settings --> Select Horizontal or Vertical Scroll Effect  --> select Sphere.
  • In order to move a theme to the SD card you must have Android OS 2.2 or higher.
  • To make icons larger go to Menu --> Preferences --> Visual Settings  --> Icons --> Icons Size.

The icons are metal with holes in them.  The background shows through the holes so what ever color wallpaper you are using will show through.

Example Home screen

Open Folder


Apps shown with different wallpaper to show how the holes in the metal show the wallpaper below.