We are the Lake County Amateur Radio Society (LCARS). Our purpose is to provide help and encouragement to hams and future hams, volunteer communication services for the community, exam sessions for new licenses and upgradesassist all amateurs in abiding by Federal Communications Commission regulations and the Radio Amateur's Code as promulgated by the American Radio Relay League...and have fun!

We have monthly meetings and occasional functions such as family barbeques, Field Day and Operations Day. The club has done volunteer communications for the Davis Double Century, Clear Lake Seaplane Splash-In, Lake County Rodeo, Konocti Challenge, and taught kids about ham radio at the Ely Stagestop Science Camp.  

A few hams attended the September meeting in person for the first time in months. Everyone else participated over the air waves. Thank you for the picture, Jay!

History of the 146.775 RepeaterHere

LCARS Fema Training Flyer
This has information about the independent study program.

Support Your Club! 

Info About Nets
Be sure to check out the Local Repeaters and Nets page on this website. For further information you can explore the ARRL Online Net Directory

January LCARS Meeting 
Our next meeting is scheduled for Thursday January 28 at 7:00pm on the Konocti repeater, which can be found on 146.775  - PL 103.5 
If anyone has any new business for the agenda, please contact Tara Gabe at km6juz@yahoo.com


Want to learn about SOTA (Summits on the Air)? It's a lot of fun and all hams can participate. You can set up your station on a mountain peak and be an "activator" or communicate from the comfort of your ham shack and be a "chaser!"  When the weather is nice there is a good chance you will hear activators calling CQ from the surrounding peaks. Check out the following links for more info and be ready to join in! And have fun!

During Disasters & Emergencies there are usually hams in the county monitoring the national call frequency 146.520 (simplex). There are also people who monitor the Konocti and Hunter repeaters. The programming info for those can be found on the Local Repeaters and Nets page on this site. You can also try 145.555 (simplex) and 146.550 (simplex)
Local news updates are normally broadcast on listener supported KPFZ 88.1 FM

Thank you, Tara, for sharing this article, When the Internet and Cell Phone Networks Go Down, Amateur Radio Operators Step Up, which can be found on the Interesting Engineering website here.


History of the 146.775 RepeaterHere
Thank you, Tom Patton, for this interesting write-up!
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