Excited to meet friends & colleagues in Malaga, Spain, during the European Aerosol Conference 2023, EAC2023, September 3 - 8.

On Tuesday September 5, I will be giving the talk:

"A high-throughput, energetically efficient liquid atomization method for material synthesis"

Session: Synthesis, structuring and applications of functional nanoparticles III, 6-R2 (15:30-17:00, Room 2.1)

New article out! Discover how a micromixing mechanism used for liquid atomization is a resourceful tool for the synthesis of microfibers: here

6th European Symposyum on Electrohydrodynamic atomization and Electrospinning 2023, ESEE2023

Looking for candiates to apply for a MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowship 2023:

Our Department and  Research group have experience mentoring MSCA Potdoctoral Fellows, and the University of Seville has an excellent accompanying program to help applicants to go through the entire application process: they review the proposal and provide critical obervations and comments, and useful suggestions. The University of Seville has a long standing tradition of high sucess rate in these applications. 

Applicants interested in submitting a proposal in the field of: fluid mechanics, fluid dynamics, aerosol science and engineering, liquid atomization, aerosol-based production of nanomaterials, or related fields please contact me at the earliest:

In your email, attach your CV and a brief letter of motivation.

Se busca candidato/a para solicitar Beca de Doctorado FPU (Formación del Profesorado Universitario) en el área de mecánica/dinámica de fluidos. El proyecto propuesto consiste en el uso de sistemas de inyección neumática para pulverizar soluciones viscosas con el objetivo de producir micro- y nanomateriales; y se tratarían aspectos experimentales y teóricos.

Se espera que la convocatoria 2023 se publique en diciembre.


- Estar matriculado/a en el último año de Máster o estar en posesión del Título de Máster.

- Nota media del Grado: 8,00 o superior

Interesados/as contactar con:

El Diario de Sevilla recoge nuestro proyecto de producción de microfbras en una nota de divulgación:

Luis Modesto attended the European Symposium on Electrohydrodynamic Atomization and Electrospinning 2022. Naples, Italy. Link here

"Fibres produced via micromixing of polymer solutions coupled with in-flight charging"

Jesús Olmedo Pradas presented a Poster online during the  European Symposium on Electrohydrodynamic Atomization and Electrospinning 2022. Naples, Italy

"CFD simulation of the ejection of polymer filaments using a micromixing approach"