Karl G. Anuta is a trial lawyer who primarily handles cases involving environmental law, personal injuries, and insurance disputes.  He is a solo practitioner with an office in Portland, OR.  He is a member of both the Oregon and Washington state bars.

His email is: KGA@integra.net 

Law office of Karl G. Anuta, P.C. Staff:

Emily Valeno & Izzy Urbano-Campos, Legal Assistants

legalasstlokga@integra.net and legalasst2lokga@integra.net 

Kellee Reyes, Paralegal


Basic Contact Information

Law Office of Karl G. Anuta, P.C.

735 SW First Avenue, 2nd Floor

Portland, OR  97204

Phone (503) 827-0320

Facsimile (503) 386-2168