EDFN 241: Psychological Foundations of Teaching. Course topics include learning theory and practice, human growth and development, motivation, classroom management, evaluation, and principles of effective instruction. Course requires a four-week placement in an urban school.
EDFN 545: Advanced Educational Psychology. Course topics include learning theory, human growth and development, motivation, classroom management, and evaluation. Course offered in traditional format and distance learning format.

EDFN 601: Research Methods and Design. Introduces methods of empirical educational research. Emphasis on teaching individuals to be intelligent consumers of educational research. Course topics include systematic research processes, quantitative design and analyses, and qualitative design and analyses.

EDFN 587: Topics: Motivation in Education. This course explores motivational constructs in education. Topics include: intrinsic v. extrinsic motivation, self-efficacy, task values, self-related constructs, achievement goal theory. Particular emphasis is placed on how classroom teachers can use these constructs in their classrooms to create motivating environments for K-12 students. The capstone project for the course involves an action research project or a practical lesson/resource for teachers.

EDFN 589: Topics: Research in Mathematics Learning Disabilities. This course explores recent research on children with mathematics learning disabilities. The capstone project for the course is an empirical research study in the area of mathematics learning disabilities. During the course students are instructed in all components of conducting empirical research including conceptualization of a study, a review of literature, development of research design and methodology, collection and analysis of data, compilation of results, and development of written manuscript. In particular, this course is well-suited for graduate students wishing to hone their research skills.