My research interests include the evolution of plate boundaries, and how continents deform internally in response to plate boundary processes. These large-scale tectonic problems are addressed through collaborative research and focused, process-related studies. One of my main tools is the use radiometric dating of rocks and minerals to quantify absolute timing of events and rates of processes. My students and I integrate observations over a large range of scales from microstructures to regional geological and geophysical data sets, and employ a suite of methodologies to evaluate P-T-t-D histories and the 4D evolution of rocks and regions.

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Laura E. Webb

Assistant Professor of Geology
University of Vermont
180 Colchester Ave.
Burlington, Vermont, 05405 USA
Office Phone: 1-802-656-8136
Lab Phone: 1-802-656-0687
Fax: 1-802-656-0045
E-mail: laura.webb at uvm.edu