Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology                 University of Virginia                                  Expected May 2016

            Advisor: Dr. Michael Kubovy

Dissertation:  Assessing replication strength and top-down influences on the cross-modal correspondences between auditory pitch and visual size, height, brightness, spatial frequency, and sharpness

M.A. in Psychology                                        University of Virginia                                                   May 2012

             Advisor: Dr. Michael Kubovy

            Thesis: The specificity of expertise: Is the clave pattern the “key” to Latin salsa music? 

B.A. in Psychology and Music                 Elizabethtown College                                                   May 2009

Advisor: Dr. Michael Roy

Summa Cum Laude, Honors Program Graduate, College Scholar, Presidential Scholarship

Thesis: Leadership and culture: A comparison of the United States and South Africa