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My articles are available on the Web, even if the publishers sometime change the links.  Here are the titles and publications, and a Web search should bring you right to them:  

"Retirement Planning for Workers Impacted by the Windfall Elimination Provision" Journal of Financial Planning (with Shari Lawrence, 2015).

"Follow Up: Totalization Agreements and the Windfall Elimination Provision" Journal of Financial Planning, Practice Management Blog (2015).

 "Saving for Sustainability:  Why a 10% Personal Saving Rate is Too Low" Southwestern Economic Review  (with John Lajaunie and Shari Lawrence, 2015).

"Teaching Across Cources: Using The Concept Of Related Markets From Economics To Explain Statistics' Causation And Correlation"  Business Quest (2015).

 "Savings Beyond Six Months" Research in Business and Economics Journal (with Kris Guidry, 2014).

Below is a downloadable copy of the article "The Economic Impact of Taxes on S-Corporations" written with C. Donald Wiggins and S. Mark Hand. The paper details an approach to taxing S-corporations for valuation purposes and it has been cited in business valuation textbooks and other resources.

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