Some of my projects / hobbies....

Walk In Closet

Transformed a utility room into a custom walk-in-closet, including building a outdoor hutch to house the moved water heater


The Gravity Bowl

Built an omni-directional vehicle that can move in any direction and smoothly transition between directions, including spinning in place. Its computer-controlled micro-controllers allow for complex programmed movement sequence.


Bead Portrait

Constructed a photo-realistic portrait of my wife made from over 52,000 beads

Bee Keeping

Keeping an urban bee colony in the backyard. 

Mask Making

Making paper mache masks from newspaper and glue

Haunted Houses

Halloween haunted houses put on for the local neighborhood.


Stick Bombs

Creating linked chains of Popsicle sticks that "explode" in a chain reaction when released

Stick Bridge

Building a bridge from Popsicle sticks and hot glue able to sustain the greatest weight

Beat Cancer

 Created a blog describing my experience with testicular cancer, hoping that sharing my experience would help others.


Making Dried Fruit


Shed Building

Built a shed for my house.  
My first construction product involving building a foundation, framing and roof. 

Giant Foosball

Built a human sized
fooseball table