About Lars

As experienced individual contributor and team manager, I have taken numerous software projects from initial conception to worldwide deployment both as founder of a new startup and as a team leader at a Fortune 500 company. Comfortable will all aspects of project development from concept development, to requirements gathering, design, implementation, deployment and operations.

Previously, while at Amazon, I managed the three teams that run IMDb’s .com website. While in Amazon's retail organization, I started and built out the Softlines Systems team which created tools for Top Down Budget Planning, Assortment Planning, Forecasting and Commitment Tracking for the Softlines business, representing over a ½ billion market including Apparel, Shoes and Sporting goods. I co-founded the Amazon Commerce Web Services program, with the purpose of decoupling Amazon’s e-commerce web services from the Amazon retail pipeline making them available for standalone use by external parties.

I have started two companies, TeachTown, a subscription-based software treatment system for individuals with autism that is currently used in over 3000 schools nationwide, and Apex Nanotechnology, a computer aided molecular design platform with an artificial intelligence tutor for computational chemistry (now defunct). For a number of years I built artificial intelligence systems for the game industry. I have a Ph.D. in Cognitive Neuroscience. I’ve given lectures, written numerous book chapters and journal articles.

In my spare time I enjoy hanging out with smart, creative folks and making things - from designing and building an omni-directional car to metal work for a 26-ft Rubik’s Cube on display at the Pacific Science Center