Curriculum Vitae

Marie-Claude Larivière, PhD

Present positions  
Research Scientist, Insect Taxonomist
Curator of Hemiptera, New Zealand Arthropod Collection (NZAC)   
Present employer      
Landcare Research / New Zealand Arthropod Collection
Private Bag 92170, Auckland 1142, New Zealand
Academic qualifications
PhD Entomology (McGill University, Montréal, Canada, 1990), Systematics revision of the genus Brochymena (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae)
BSc (Hons) Agricultural Sciences / Zoology Major (McGill University, Montréal, Canada, 1986) 

Years as a practising researcher 28
Number of publications 145
Research/professional interests
  • Taxonomy, distribution, natural history of true bugs, planthoppers, leafhoppers, treehoppers, cicadas (Hemiptera, excluding Sternorrhyncha)
  • Biodiversity Informatics, especially 
    • cybertaxonomy (or e-taxonomy), 
    • computer-assisted biological illustration,
    • semi/fully automated digital micro- and macro-imaging/photography using increased depth-of-field and stacking applications, 
    • online databases,
    • interactive diagnostics
  • Faunistics of ground-beetles (Carabidae)
  • South Pacific Heteroptera
Professional positions and reponsibilities


PresentlyResearch Scientist & Curator

Taxonomist & Curator of Hemiptera, Landcare Research, New Zealand Arthropod Collection, Auckland (1992-present)

1995-2017Project Leader-Manager / co-ManagerNew Zealand Arthropod Collection: Databases (1995-2005, 2011-2017) / Digital Imaging Facilities (2000-2017)
2007–2010Research Group LeaderInvertebrate Systematics Research Group, including New Zealand Arthropod Collection (Landcare Research)

Research Programme: Depicting the New Zealand Land Biota* (Systematics Research, Fauna of New Zealand Series, New Zealand Arthropod Collection & National Nematode Collection of New Zealand), associated commercial research and consultancy.

*Intermediate Outcome 2 of Nationally Significant Foundation for Research Science & Technology (FRST*) Outcome-Based Investment (OBI) research programme.
2007–2010Personnel/line Manager

Invertebrate Systematics Group, including New Zealand Arthropod Collection (Landcare Research)

Line management of 12 permanent staff (technicians to senior scientists), other research associates, and students

2007–2010DirectorNew Zealand Arthropod Collection (including National Nematode Collection of New Zealand)
2007–2010 Principal co-investigator

With Crop & Food Research, Lincoln, New Zealand: TFBIS (Terrestrial & Freshwater Biodiversity Information System), Department of Conservation: Aphids databasing project.

2006–2007 Project Leader
Principal co-investigator

Agence Française de Développement, Fonds du Pacifique: Inventory of insect pests (order Hemiptera) on New Caledonian crops.

2004–2009Project Leader
Principal investigator

TFBIS (Terrestrial & Freshwater Biodiversity Information System) projects: Virtual Identification of Cicadas; Virtual Identification of Ground-Beetle genera.

2003–2006Principal co-investigator

With New South Wales Dept. of Primary Industries & Univ. Sydney-Charles Sturtt University: Taxonomy & phylogeny of Australian planthoppers of the family Cixiidae.

2000–2004 Project Leader

Development of BioAssist facility (BIOdiversity ASSessment using Information Systems & Taxonomy).

1994–1997 Programme Leader

FRST* programme ‘Biosystematics of New Zealand Land Invertebrates’: Invertebrate Systematics, Fauna of NZ Series.

1993–1994 Acting Programme leader
Objective Leader

FRST* programme ‘Biosystematics of New Zealand Land Invertebrates’: Invertebrate Systematics, Fauna of NZ Series.

Hemiptera systematics, Collection Databases.

1992–present Research ScientistInvertebrate Systematics (Hemiptera), Landcare Research, Auckland.
1992–present CuratorHemiptera Collection, New Zealand Arthropod Collection, Landcare Research, Auckland.
1990–1992 Postdoctoral ResearcherBiosystematics of beneficial Hemiptera (Nabidae), Canadian National Collection of Insects & Arachnids, Agriculture Canada, Ottawa (appointment funded by the
Fonds pour la Formation des Chercheurs et l'Aide à la Recherche (FCAR), Québec).
1990 Lecturer 
Computer consultant

Database management (Collège de Valleyfield)

Magisystem International, Valleyfield, Québec.

1986–1990 Part-time faculty lecturer (biology)/Teaching assistant/ResearcherMcGill University, Montréal, Québec (research funded by the National Sciences & Engineering Research Council of Canada).

* FRST = Foundation for Research Science & Technology, became the Ministry of Science and Innovation, and now the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment


 Special grants/awards/membership of societies, institutions, committees

  • Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) New Zealand, fast-track operational funding, Brown Marmorated Stink Bug online surveillance tool (2016-2017) 
  • TFBIS (Terrestrial & Freshwater Biodiversity Information System) grants, 4 projects for Landcare Research, 1 in collaboration with Plant & Food Research, New Zealand (2005-2013)
  • Agence Française de Développement, Fonds du Pacifique, science grant ( 2006-2007) 
  • Australian Biological Resources Survey (ABRS) research grant (jointly with New South Wales Dept. of Primary Industries & Univ. of Sydney-Charles Sturt University) (2003–2005) 
  • Landcare Research Manaaki-Tangata Fellowship (2001–2002) 
  • Commonwealth Research Council travel award (1997) 
  • Editorial board: Fauna of New Zealand series (1994–present) 
  • New Zealand Lottery Board: 2 science grants (1993, 1994) 
  • Fonds pour la Formation des Chercheurs et l'Aide à la Recherche (FCAR), Québec, Postdoctoral fellowship (1990) 
  • National Sciences & Engineering Research Council, Canada: Research award, 1986 & 4 postgraduate scholarships (1986–1990)
  • Honorary fellow, Fonds pour la Formation des Chercheurs et l'Aide à la Recherche (FCAR), Québec, 2 Bourses d'Etudes Supérieures [postgraduate fellowships] (1986-1989)
  • McGill University: 5 faculty awards; Honorary Fellow, 2 McGill Univ. Graduate Fellowships (1986-1987)
  • Memberships: New Zealand Entomological Society, Australian Entomological Society, Association of Systematic Biologists (1997–present), Royal Society of New Zealand (1992–2006), Entomological Society of America (1981–2004)
  • Student co-supervisions: 2 PhDs, systematics (Lincoln Univ., New Zealand; Univ. Sydney-Charles Sturt University, Australia);  1 MSc, invertebrate ecology (Auckland Univ.); 1 Diploma, bio-indicators (UNITEC, Auckland)