"Cheating, incentives and Money Manipulation" (joint with Gary Charness, Celia Blanco and Ismael Rodriguez-Lara ) Experimental Economics (2018): 1-23. [link]

"Gender Differences in Cheating: Loss vs Gain Framing” (joint with Gueorgui Kolev and Ismael Rodríguez-Lara). Economics Letters, (2018), Vol. 163, pages 46-49. [link]

Work in progress

"Distributional Consequences of Endogenous and Compulsory Delegation"

(joint with Praveen Kujal)

"Size and Resources Limitations within Teams"

"Gender Bias in Endogenous delegation"

(joint with Praveen Kujal)

"Delegating lies"

(joint with Praveen Kujal and Ismael Rodriguez-Lara )