Row With Us - Please bear with us whilst we trial our Return to Rowing

Langstone Pilot Gig Club welcomes new members irrespective of age or fitness. All you need to be is keen to row!

To join, either download the joining pack below, email us at (this address is always monitored and messages passed on to the appropriate officer) or complete our online registration page below. 

Our rowing schedule is made up our Mens, Ladies, Intermediate and Junior training sessions plus Open Rowing sessions for new members or those who would first like to give it a try. We also run Just Row sessions during the week for club members.

Rowing Schedule - please note these times do not apply until further notice

Saturday  Sunday
   Mens Training  08.00 - 09.30  09.30 - 11.00
   Ladies Training  09.30 - 11.00  08.00 - 09.30
   Mixed Training  11.00 - 12.30  11.00 - 12.30
   Junior Training  12.30 - 14.00  
   Open Rowing  14.00 - 15.30  

Open Rowing -  please make contact with Brian or Sharon who will explain how we are planning a safe return to rowing

If you would prefer to just give it a try first, please book a place in our Open Rowing Sessions held most Saturdays from 13.45 pm to 15.30 pm. You will receive information in advance of your 90 minute introductory session, and a warm welcome. Your first visit will be free and thereafter a small charge will apply per session. Each session is open to both members and non-members who wish to try or are new to Gig Rowing.

The aim of these sessions is to get you used to gig rowing and ideally you should wear clothes that you are comfortable doing exercise in. It’s much better to wear a few thin layers rather than one thick one as this way you can add/remove layers to keep you at the right temperature throughout the session. If there is a chance of rain then bring a water proof. As for footwear you need something which can be done up tight enough to provide support. When rowing a lot of power comes from your legs, so it’s important they have a firm platform to push on. Trainers or walking boots are ideal. Finally, don’t forget to bring something to drink, it is not good to get dehydrated when you exercise, and we stop several times to drink and rest.

Each session is open to both members and non-members who wish to try or are new to GiG Rowing.

To book a place text or contact

Brian West on 07713987590
Sharon Hunt on 07941188743
Book via our on-line form

Existing members can book via the Forum

Meet at 13.45 pm for registration at The Clubhouse, Units 7 and 9, The Roundhouse, Northney Marina, Hayling Island.

Annual Subscriptions (with option to pay by monthly instalments)

   Annual   Standing Order Option
 Full Members – over 18  £144   £13/month
 Junior Members – under 18  £72   £6.50/month
 Student Members – over 18 (and in full time education)  £72  £6.50/month
Social Member – over 18 shall pay an annual subscription and have full voting rights, but will not be entitled to row  £25  
 OAPs and Unemployed  £72  £6.50/month

Joining Fees (a one off payment)

 Full Members – over 18  £75
 Junior Members – under 18  Free of charge
 Student Members – over 18 (and in full time education)  £40
 Social Member – over 18 full voting rights, but will not be entitled to row.  £25
 Overseas resident visiting UK  £40
 OAPs and Unemployed  £40

Pin Money

Members of the club will pay pin money of £2 for each session, juniors £1 per session.

Non-members - will be limited to open rowing sessions when available, and pay £5 per session.

Taster first time rowers will be entitled to one free introductory row.

Methods of Payment

Joining Fees are a one off payment

Membership Fees can be paid annually or monthly

New membership year runs from 1st February.